The Griebel CAT Lab

Every mechanic needs a garage, and every mad scientist needs a lab. The CAT lab (short for the Caterpillar Student Excellence Center) takes on both roles. Home to many of the CAMP team projects, this is where the "magic" happens. Loaded full of shop equipment and tools, it's a great place to collaborate, experiment, and get your hands dirty. It’s a favorite stop for most campus tours. The Cat lab is sure to jump start your engineering career.

CAMP Advanced Manufacturing Lab (AML), directed by Dr. Koontz

CAMP provides to every CAMP team access to our Advanced Manufacturing Lab. This lab consists of a CNC Milling machine, CNC Lathe, and ABS Rapid prototyping machine, and 3D printers. This manufacturing capability is provided to CAMP teams, low or no-funded research and senior design projects on campus. CAMP teams are given priority, but the manufacturing lab has worked with many research, senior design, and industry projects at no charge for the services. The price of admission is that the student works with our manufacturing specialist to help bring a design from the computer into reality.

CAMP Design Lab (“The Porch”)

The design lab is typically packed with students using computer-aided design software, team meetings, or CAMP seminars.

Composites and Polymer Engineering (CAPE) LabSAEFormulaImage

This lab is a multidisciplinary research and education center at South Dakota Mines, specializing in polymers and polymer matrix composites. The lab is well equipped to conduct research in polymer synthesis, processing and characterization, composite material processing, characterization and prototyping.

CAMP Projects Use Many On- and Off-Campus Resources

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CAMP thanks Caterpillar Inc. which helped fund the creation of the CAT lab in 1997, back when CAMP projects were being built in hallways. A strong relationship still exists today.