Game Development

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The Game Development team was formed in 2009 to promote fundamental knowledge and creation of video games.

Game Dev requires serious abilities; strong mathematical, computer, analytical skills and aptitude, not to mention a fanatical passion for video games.

Game Dev makes use of art, music, design, programming and object manipulation to assist students in applying critical thinking, logic, communication, and problem solving skills in managing challenges that occur in a game development environment.  The team uses the latest game development software and technologies.

Students work in an open and comfortable setting to promote the flow of creative ideas. This will be accomplished through group interactive game demoing, allowing members to give their opinions on games currently on the market and question what the games are doing right and/or wrong. On top of that, the team will inquire the interest of each member and hear how they would like to participate and function in the team.

The competition Game Dev participates in is the Independent Games Festival (IGF). The deadline for submissions is October 31st. The team also plans to travel to national conferences.

Meetings: 6-9pm Wednesdays CB205E, 2-7pm Saturdays  

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