Student Jobs and Co-ops

Through cooperative education (co-ops) and internships, School of Mines students have many opportunities to apply their education to "real world" work experiences. Students are employed by industry and government agencies in positions related to Chemical and Biological Engineering. Students may gain 1-3 hours of academic credit for their co-op or internship experience upon department approval. Students registered for co-op courses keep their full-time student status during the semester they are on co-op. All Mines students are encouraged to have relevant work or research experience prior to graduation. Co-ops are often 6-8 months (semester + summer). Internships are usually for the summer or part-time during the school year. However, the terms are used interchangeably by employers.

On average 75% of School of Mines graduates have relevant work
experience upon graduation.

The average co-op/intern salary for 2015-16 was $17.16/hr.

Some employers also provide housing allowances, bonuses,
and relocation expenses that are not reflected above. 

We strongly encourage students to seek out these opportunities. Students who spend two or more academic terms working for an industrial partner gain a better understanding of exactly what it's like to work as a chemical engineer in industry. Students often end up with permanent job offers from the companies they co-op with. Even if they decide not to work for the company they co-op with, co-op experience is a definite asset when students begin to interview for permanent jobs after graduation. For questions regarding co-op opportunities within the CBE department or program, please contact the co-op advisor, Dr. Kenneth Benjamin.

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