Chemical Engineering:

Bioprocess and Biochemical Engineering Specialization, BS

Background requirements:

The specialization is available to undergraduate Chemical Engineering students at Mines and others that meet the prerequisites for the course requirements. Students should work with their advisor on the application procedure and appropriate forms as the specialization is officially noted on transcripts.

Program requirements:

The Bioprocess and Biochemical Engineering Specialization requires students to take 12 credits of coursework from:

  • Microbiology (3 credits)
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering (max 9 credits)
  • Biochemistry, genetics, or industrial microbiology (3 credits)

You will work with your advisor to apply your electives accordingly within the requirements of the Chemical Engineering major.

For more details, degree requirements, and course descriptions, please see South Dakota Mines academic catalog.

Contact info:

Dr. Patrick Gilcrease
Karen M. Swindler Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
(605) 394-1239