Bachelor of Science

As a science, the field of biology has evolved from the days of Darwin studying finches to understanding the world - including plant and animal populations, medicine, energy, and the environment - at the biochemical, genetic, and molecular level.

Biology undergraduates will focus in one of several emphasis areas, including pre-med, biochemistry/molecular biology, pre-biomedical engineering,  or environmental sciences. 

The interdisciplinary curriculum allowed by this program positions students well for careers and graduate programs in medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical engineering and technology, biotechnology, bioprocessing, molecular biology, clean energy research, and patent law. The biology program also prepares graduates for work in research.    

Biology Students

  • are rigorously trained in Biology, including microbiology, genetics, and cell and molecular biology.
  • acquire a solid foundation in mathematics, chemistry, and biochemistry.
  • enjoy customized instruction and preparation for the workplace, graduate, or professional school
  • are prepared, with further certification, to fill the demand for highly-trained science teachers.

Students wishing to pursue careers or graduate study in medicine, pharmaceutical science, biomedical technology, medical and patent law, academic research, among other areas, can choose an interdisciplinary approach involving courses in molecular biology and microbiology. For students wishing to prepare for graduate study in biomedical engineering or pursue career fields such as bioprocessing or bioenergy, the biology program provides an opportunity to meld biology with world-class engineering courses. This focus involves academic preparation in various engineering disciplines, including chemical, materials & metallurgical or mechanical engineering.