Graduate Education

The Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department offers a PhD and thesis and non-thesis MS degrees:

Our graduate program provides opportunities for advanced study and research in the fields of engineering and science at the master's and doctoral levels.  The department also offers an Accelerated Masters Program, allowing students to complete an M.S. degree in as little as five years.  Each individual degree program of study is designed to broaden and extend the student's knowledge within the chosen field, to develop the power of independent, critical thinking, and to promote individual and cooperative research skills. The Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Program offers both a master's and doctoral degree in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences. Students may also participate in the interdisciplinary  and Materials Engineering and Science PhD programs on campus.

Cutting-Edge Research Programs

Engineering is an applied science, and graduate research is a chance to show that you have what it takes. Our faculty possess established reputations and are eager to provide students with exciting opportunities to make their own contribution to cutting-edge research projects. From turning waste into energy to developing composite materials for lunar habitats to investigating soil parameters for better roadway pavement design, our wide array of ongoing research projects gives students the real experience they need to launch successful careers!

Research Facilities:

  • The Renewable Energy Research Laboratory provides students and faculty with a state-of-the-art laboratory for research and design of next-generation solar and wind technology.
  • The Biogeochemistry Core Facility contains cutting-edge instrumentation to support student and faculty ecological and environmental research.
  • The Advanced Materials Processing Center is the lead in a consortium which teams universities with government, national laboratories and industry sponsors for research and development of materials joining, fabrication, and repair technologies.
  • The Geotechnical Laboratory has the state’s most comprehensive set of equipment to support geotechnical research, including a single apparatus for triaxial shear, consolidation/swell, and unconfined compression testing as well as facilities for advanced testing of asphalt and soil.
  • The Rama Materials Laboratory is equipped with instrumentation and data acquisition equipment for testing novel materials, mechanical systems, and structural components. 

The graduate school you choose determines the launching point of your professional career in consulting engineering, government, or construction, as well as your options for additional graduate or post-graduate studies. Our faculty care about making your graduate studies the rock-solid foundation of a great career in engineering and our research programs address today’s most pressing engineering problems. Make the right choice: enroll at South Dakota Mines. 

For more information about our graduate programs, contact:  

Dr. Bret Lingwall
PhD Graduate Coordinator
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
(605) 394-1683

Dr. Marc Robinson
CEE MS Graduate Coordinator
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
(605) 394-2563

Mark Van Vleck
CEM MS Graduate Coordinator
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
(605) 219-8265

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How to Apply

Contact the program coordinator of the program you are interested in, and then apply online.

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