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Undergraduate Education

Civil and environmental engineers are problem solvers who meet our world's needs for environmental stewardship, renewable energy, sustainable design solutions, and community planning for a better tomorrow. Civil and environmental engineers serve the public by designing infrastructure systems such as dams and waterways, harbors, bridges, buildings, water supply and wastewater systems, highways and airports, tunnels and pipelines, and renewable energy facilities, among others.

As an undergraduate civil and environmental engineering student at South Dakota Mines, you will be encouraged to take advantage of award-winning instructors, small class sizes, and ready access to undergraduate research opportunities, co-ops and internships, and activities and organizations.

BS Civil Engineering

At Mines, undergraduate students interested in a career in civil and/or environmental engineering follow a curriculum that culminates in an ABET-accredited BS degree in civil engineering. Students interested in general civil engineering take courses in a variety of areas, including environmental, geotechnical, water resources, structural, construction, and sustainable engineering. Students may select an emphasis area, or take courses in several areas. Learn more about the general civil engineering curriculum.

Environmental Engineering Specialization

Students who wish to study environmental engineering at Mines follow a curriculum that culminates in an ABET-accredited BS civil engineering degree with an emphasis in environmental engineering. Students who chose an environmental specialization take additional science, chemistry, and chemical and biological engineering courses relevant to environmental engineering. Learn more about the environmental specialization curriculum


At South Dakota Mines, undergraduate students start collaborating with faculty on research, an honor often reserved only for graduate students. 


The department also offers the following minors for students wishing to enhance their knowledge in these important areas:

Any undergraduate student at Mines is eligible for these minors. Find more information on minors offered.

Accelerated Masters Degree - Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Civil and Environmental accelerated Master of Science (BS/MS) degree program is available for qualified seniors in the engineering BSCE program at the South Dakota Mines. The accelerated master’s degree program allows BS engineering students to take up to nine (9) graduate-level credits to simultaneously meet both undergraduate and graduate degree program requirements

To be eligible for the accelerated master’s degree program in Civil Engineering, students must meet the following criteria:

1. Be currently enrolled in BS engineering program at Mines.                     
2. Have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
3. Be within two semesters of graduation or within 40 credits of satisfying all graduation requirements for a BS engineering degree.

Further details are available at Loading... or by contacting the CEE graduate program coordinator:

Dr. Marc Robinson      
CEE MS Graduate Coordinator
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
(605) 394-2563