Electrical Engineering (PhD)

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The Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering provides the opportunity to study advanced and emerging technologies. Students take advantage of working with faculty research topics focusing on the advancement of materials, wireless communications, unmanned systems, and smart grid technology. CollegeChoice ranked this program in the Top 25 Best Masters in Electrical Engineering Degrees.


The program covers the foundational topics of applied electromagnetics, controlled and autonomous robotic systems, swarm intelligence, power electronics and systems, communications, and networking.


Graduates experience rewarding careers in aerospace, automotive, robotics, electronics, communication systems, alternative energy, manufacturing and industrial automation, and power. Graduates find opportunities with Black Hills Energy, Honeywell, NASA, Daktronics, and Raytheon Technologies, to name a few.


Faculty and students drive research in these areas, networking, robotics, control theory, electronic materials, organic electronic devices (OLED, solar cells), wireless communications, antennas, and smart grids, to name a few. Additionally, active research projects tackle autonomous systems, including autonomous underwater vehicles (UAV), unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Program Coordinator

Dr. Long Zhao