EECS research photo


Research initiatives in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department align with the university's research strengths. Undergraduate and graduate students have many opportunities to be involved in research, collaborate with department faculty, and in interdisciplinary teams with faculty and students from other departments.

Faculty Research Areas

Jeffrey McGough, PhD, University of Utah

  • Mobile robotics path planning, localization and mapping, computer vision, evolutionary algorithms, particle and swarm methods, and biologically motivated algorithms.

Christer Karlsson, PhD, Colorado School of Mines

  • Scientific visualization, high-performance computing (HPC), problem-solving environments, algorithms and software for multicore architectures, topology-aware MPI communications, and scalable checkpointing techniques.

Larry Pyeatt, PhD, Colorado State University

  • Probabilistic artificial intelligence, statistical machine learning, neural networks, stochastic control theory, robotics, intelligent control, and computer vision.

Lisa Rebenitsch, PhD, Michigan State University

  • Cybersickness (visually induced motion sickness from a virtual environment), 3D Systems, virtual reality (VR), user interfaces, and analysis of algorithms.

Randy Hoover, PhD, Colorado State University

  • Computer vision, machine learning, data analytics, dynamic systems and control, multilinear subspace learning, and graph-based forecasting.

Francis Akowah, PhD, Syracuse University

  • Autonomous cyber-physical system security (attack detection and recovery), web security, mobile operating system security, application security, network security, privacy and anonymity, and machine learning security (adversarial attacks).

Rohan Loveland, PhD, Oxford University

  • Semi-supervised and active learning for rare category detection, and anomalous/relevant event detection (A/RED) systems.

Faculty Labs

Antennas and Wireless Communications Research (AWCR) 

Dr. Sayan Roy, PhD, North Dakota State University

  • The lab advances research on novel antennas and contemporary wireless communication methods for applications in additive manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, internet of things (IoT), precision agriculture, space technology, and wireless power transfer.

Smart Grid and Energy Research (SGERL) 

Dr. Long Zhao, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington

  • The lab focuses on developing future power and energy systems. The research areas include renewable energy integration, rural power grid development, demand-side management, smart meter data analysis, and arc flash protection. The mission is to develop a safe, smart, and sustainable (SSS) power and energy system for the future.


Dr. Haiping Hong, PhD, Hebrew University - Jerusalem

  • The research focuses on nanomaterials related to optics and electronics, including OLED and solar. Dr. Hong provides research experience in carbon nanomaterials, polymer composite, and self-assembly techniques.