Graduate Education 

The MS degree in engineering management is designed to provide a program of advanced study in technically-oriented disciplines for candidates anticipating a managerial career. The program provides an interface between training received in engineering and scientific disciplines with the management of resources and personnel in a technical environment.

Flexibility is built into the program in order to provide an optimum educational experience to students. Graduates of the engineering management program are likely to find an initial position as a mid-level supervisor within a broad range of applications requiring the use of quantitative models to integrate human and material resources necessary to perform an integrated function.

Education Your Way

All courses in the engineering management (EM) program are offered in hybrid delivery mode. This means that as an EM student you may complete the program entirely from a remote or distance location. (Learn more at South Dakota Mines Online.) All course materials are posted online at an instructor course site. Students have 24/7 access to the instructor and to other students via email and course management protocols. Distance learners have the option of accessing course lectures via online streaming or via weekly DVDs mailed to your location.

The Flexibility You Deserve

Nobody knows more about the skills that you need to complement your technical skills and provide the right applications for your industry than you do. Consequently, the program offers a wide variety of courses within the engineering management discipline. Provided you complete 3 credit hours in each of the four core areas (engineering management, operations planning, finance, and operations research), you have the flexibility to develop a program that suits your individual needs. In addition, students may elect to complement their program of study with courses from construction management, other engineering/science disciplines, or from an accredited business school.