Department of mathematics faculty have diverse research interests, from data analysis to computer vision to biological modeling to statistical prediction to astronomy and everything in between. Students have many opportunities to be involved in research collaborations with department faculty and in interdisciplinary teams with faculty and students from other departments. The primary research areas of our faculty are listed below.

Karen Braman, Professor of Mathematics
Numerical linear algebra and multilinear algebra.

Kyle Caudle, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Non-parametric statistics, computational statistics, time series forecasting, and massive data streams.

Brent Deschamp, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Combinatorial matrix theory, graph theory, and modeling.

Martha Garlick Grieve, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mathematical biology, mathematical ecology, applied math and Bayesian statistics.

Patrick Fleming, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Finite geometry and non-associative algebras.

Roger Johnson, Professor of Mathematics
Parameter estimation, decision theory, computationally intensive statistical methods, and statistics pedagogy.

Travis Kowalski, Professor of Mathematics
Complex analysis, formal power series, ethnomathematics, and mathematics pedagogy.

Kyle Riley, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Numerical linear algebra, mathematical modeling, image processing, and program assessment.

Neil Steinburg, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Commutative algebra, torsion in the tensor product of modules.

Donald Teets, Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics, history, and astronomy (particularly celestial mechanics).

For more information about research activities and capabilities within the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, contact:
Travis Kowalski, Interim Department Head/Professor
Phone: (605) 394-6146

Department Head
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Dr. Travis Kowalski
Department Head/Professor
Phone: (605) 394-2471
Office: McLaury 206C