Mathematics BS

The primary goal of South Dakota Mines’ Mathematics program is to give graduates the theoretical and computational skills needed to solve twenty-first century problems in mathematics, science, and engineering.  It consists of a mathematical core that provides a rock-solid foundation in the fundamental theories of calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, probability and statistics, real analysis, and abstract algebra, but it also includes a distinctive focus on computational methods, including numerical analysis and programming. 

Because applied mathematicians are problem solvers, graduates must develop the ability to formulate and solve problems arising from scientific and engineering. Graduates work with their academic advisors to further customize their degree beyond the core to acquiring fundamental knowledge in science and engineering, allowing them to earn a minor or second major in a related field of interest, to pursue in-major specializations desirable for industry, or to prepare for further education in graduate school.

The Mathematics degree also includes a year-long capstone experience, in which graduates conduct novel mathematical research into their areas of interest. Graduates produce a written thesis and present their research at several local and regional conferences. 

Department Head
Contact Information

Dr. Travis Kowalski
Department Head/Professor
Phone: (605) 394-2471
Office: McLaury 206C