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Overnight Geology Rocks! 

Are you ready to dig into Geology?

The Geology Rocks! summer camp provides high school students with the opportunity to learn about potential careers in the geosciences.  Campers observe the world-renowned Black Hills geology and the role it plays in surface and ground-water quality, geologic hazards, mineral resources, and paleontology.  Potential field trips include:

From the ancient rock layers of the Black Hills, to the crystals and natural formations of area caverns and the fossils in the Badlands, the unique geology of the Black Hills region makes Geology Rocks! a one-of-a-kind camp available only at South Dakota Mines. Topics that students will learn about -- through real experiences or hands-on learning activities -- include:

  1. Discussion of minerals, rocks and fossils, and their relation to Black Hills geologic history
  2. Basic geologic concepts
  3. Topographic and geologic map use as well as compass navigation
  4. The importance of water both to society and geologic processes
  5. Mineral exploration and extraction
  6. Rock and mineral collection!
  7. An active gold mine
  8. A cave tour
  9. The Mammoth Site
  10. Badlands National Park
  11. Many other sites of geologic interest throughout the Black Hills

    The experiences in this camp will inspire students to better understand the natural world and to be able to interpret the stories that are contained in the rocks and landforms around us.  


All prospective campers must complete the following items before their summer camp application will be complete.

  1. Submit the online registration and student statement
  2. Make full payment. Camper’s spot will only be held for two weeks by registration unless payment is made
  3. Submit waivers

Cancellation Policy:

To receive a refund, notice must be given to Brittani Webb at Brittani.Webb@sdsmt.edu or 605-394-6144 with the cancelation 30 days before camp.


Cost: $650
2023-2024 Grades: 9th-12th
June 10-14, 2024

  • Check In Monday June 10 at 7:30 AM 
  • Overnight Camp 
  • Meals are provided during camping days
  • Parent Hike Friday at 8 AM

For more information:

Contact Admissions
(605) 394-6144

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Dr. Ward’s research interests broadly cluster around employing observational seismology to understand tectonic, magmatic, and near surface geological processes.

South Dakota Mines has outstanding facilities for geological research including the Martin Paleontology Research Laboratory and Museum of Geology




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