Chiropractors treat problems of the musculoskeletal system using natural healing methods and manual manipulation.  Based on the principle that spinal joint misalignments interfere with the nervous and immune systems, chiropractors work to correct the underlying musculoskeletal problems that may cause or contribute to other diseases or conditions. By bringing the body into better alignment, they help diminish pain and enhance health.  Chiropractors take a holistic view of treatment and may recommend exercise, dietary changes, and other lifestyle changes as part of the treatment of the patient. Chiropractors are best known for alleviating neck pain and headache through chiropractic adjustment, spinal manipulation, manual therapies, and rehabilitative exercises.

Required Classes for Chiropractic 

 Entrance exam

Some programs may require GRE exam 

 Suggested electives

CHEM 464 -- Biochemistry I & 464L Lab - 4
PSYC 221 -- Lifespan Development Psychology - 3
PSYC 451 -- Psychology of Abnormal behavior - 3
PE 103 Nutrition for Everyday Living Upper level kinesiology course at BHSU or other program


Shadowing hours

Volunteer or work hours recommended 

Required Classes for All Medical Majors

Biology courses  BIOL 151 -- General Biology I & 151L Lab - 4 
BIOL 153 -- General Biology II & 153L Lab - 4
BIOL 221 -- Human Anatomy & 221L
BIOL 326 -- Biomedical Physiology & 326L
BIOL 331 -- Microbiology & 331L 381L Lab - 4

BIOL 371 -- Genetics & 371L Lab - 4

Chemistry courses  CHEM 112 -- General Chemistry I & 112L Lab - 4

CHEM 114 -- General Chemistry II & 114L Lab - 4
CHEM 326 -- Organic Chemistry I & 326L Lab - 5
CHEM 328 -- Organic Chemistry II & 328L Lab - 5

Math courses MATH 123 -- Calculus - 4

MATH 281 -- Introductory Statistics - 3 or Math 381 Probability and Statistics

Physics courses  PHYS 111 -- Introduction to Physics I & 111L Lab - 4

PHYS 113 -- Introduction to Physics II & 113L Lab - 4

Social Science courses PSYC 101 -- General Psychology - 3

SOC 100 -- General sociology

English courses Met through SDBOR general education requirements
 Suggested electives 

BIOL 375 Current Bioethical issues
Epidemiology (no course number yet)
SOC 411 Licit and Illicit Drugs
SOC 420 Alcohol Use and Abuse

Student Resources

Professional Schools, Application, and Entrance Information

    Entrance Exam

    Some chiropractic schools may require the Graduate Record Exam as an entrance exam. Learn more about the GRE here.

    Selected Regional Programs

    Important Note:

    Consult the admissions/application web pages of the professional programs for information on required pre-requisite courses and admissions tests, application procedures, and application deadlines. Some professional/graduate programs will not accept AP or CLEP credits, online courses, or correspondence courses for the core science and math pre-requisite requirements. Many programs also require that all pre-requisite coursework be completed within a certain period of time, e.g., within 5 years prior to application. Policies vary by school and program. Be sure you know the requirements