Broc Kokesh (2018 Fulbright Scholar) and William Trevillyan (2018 Goldwater Scholar)

Mines Merit Scholarship Program

Freshman Scholarships \\ 2024-2025 Academic Year

Dollar Amount
Tier Name
ACT Range
SAT Minimum
Presidential Scholar
Gold Scholar 34
Silver Scholar
Copper Scholar
Miner Scholar
Hardrock Scholar

Scholarship Deadline: January 1st

In order to be considered for incoming freshmen scholarships, prospective students must be accepted for admission to South Dakota Mines by the priority scholarship deadline of January 1 as well as have a 3.0 unweighted cumulative GPA from high school. The Office of Admissions will consider a student's highest composite score (either ACT or SAT) by test date.  Please note ACT Superscores (calculated by ACT) will not be considered.  After the deadline of January 1, no additional test scores or updated high school transcripts will be considered.

The South Dakota Mines Scholarship Committee awards scholarships which are all renewable for an additional 3 years if continuing criteria is met. South Dakota Mines commits to awarding scholarship funds to as many students as possible. All of the scholarship funds in which South Dakota Mines receives are from alumni, family, corporations, and friends of South Dakota Mines. South Dakota Mines has outstanding students and merit scholarships are extremely competitive.

Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships are awarded as part of the incoming freshman scholarships based on the demonstrated financial need of the student. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used in determining eligibility. No separate scholarship application is required. 

Athletic Scholarships

The Athletic Director, Compliance Director, and Financial Aid Director share responsibility for monitoring compliance with NCAA financial aid regulations. All athletic aid will be awarded in accordance with NCAA and South Dakota Mines rules and regulations. No aid for any student-athlete will be awarded, paid, cancelled or altered without approval of the Financial Aid Office and the Department of Athletics. Approval of aid will be contingent upon submission of all appropriate forms by the Department of Athletics, the student-athlete, and/or other agencies as appropriate. Any merit or private scholarships or awards received by a student-athlete must conform to NCAA regulations. Approval of athletics aid will be contingent upon the academic eligibility of the student-athlete. Find out more: Financial Aid Information for Student-Athletes.

Scholarship Requirements

Scholarship recipients must meet certain enrollment and academic achievement requirements.  Find out more on our Scholarship Requirements page.