Contacts and Building Directory

Office/Department Name Location Phone Number
ATMMain Level-Northwest Entrance  
Associate Vice President Student Development/Dean Of StudentsMain Level-Northeast Hallway 605-394-2416
Ballroom (Meeting Room)Main Level  
Bump Lounge (Meeting Room)Main Level  
Counseling Services Main Level-Northeast Hallway605-394-1924 
Dining Services (Catering)Lower Level 605-394-1953
Dorr Room (Meeting Room) Main Level 
Eureka Room (Meeting Room)Main Level  
Feldspar Room (Meeting Room) Main Level  
Galena Room (Meeting Room) Lower Level  
Garnet Room (Meeting Room) Main Level-Ballroom  
Granite Room (Meeting Room)Main Level-Ballroom  
Grubby's Game Room Lower Level-Student Involvement Area  
Hardrock Room (Meeting Room)Main Level  
Hardrocker EsportsMain Level  
Health ServicesMain Level-Northwest Hallway605-394-2354 
Information DeskMain Level605-394-2335 
Ivanhoe International CenterLower Level-Student Involvement Area 605-394-6884 
KTEQ Lower Level-Student Involvement Area 605-415-4913 (Request Line)
Maverick Room (Meeting Room) Lower Level 
Mica Room (Meeting Room) Main Level-Ballroom  
Miner's Shack Lower Level 605-394-1953 
Office of InclusionLower Level-Student Involvement Area  
Quartz Room (Meeting Room) Main Level-Ballroom  
Residence Life, Community Standards, & Card Services Main Level 605-394-2348 
Rocker Shop (Bookstore) Main Level 605-394-2374 
Scheduling & Event Operations Main Level 605-394-6774 
South LoungeMain Level 
Student Accounts & Cashiering Main Level 605-394-2372 
Student Association Lower Level-Student Involvement Area 605-394-2336 
Student Engagement Lower Level-Student Involvement Area 605-394-2336 
The Aurum Lower Level-Student Involvement Area 
Tutoring (Maverick Room) Lower Level 605-394-2428
Vending Machines Both level, Grubby's Game Room and Northwest Entrance 
Veteran's Resource Center Lower Level-Student Involvement Area 605-394-2560