Threat Assessment

South Dakota Mines wants to ensure that university faculty, staff, students, and visitors enjoy a safe and secure environment. Violence in any form is unacceptable within the university. South Dakota Mines has formed a threat assessment team (also referred to as the local law enforcement unit). The threat assessment team routinely conducts a threat assessment review when a student, employee, or visitor exhibits forms of disturbing behavior that suggest that the individual is planning or preparing a violent attack involving the university or persons associated with it. Reports of disturbing behavior will be treated as serious threats until determined to be otherwise and will be investigated thoroughly and promptly.  Every report of disturbing behavior is referred to the threat assessment team no matter how trivial the matter may appear. The threat assessment team is led by the vice president for student development / dean of students with support from the director of human resources.   

  • If you have concerns about faculty, staff, students or visitors, please contact the Dean of Students Office at (605) 394-2416, Public Safety Department (605) 394-6100 or the Human Resource Department at (605) 394-1203. Additionally, an online report can be entered at the following location: Advocate Reporting Form. The report can be entered anonymously. For more information:

South Dakota Mines Threat Assessment Policy

NUMBER:  III-1-2 (Formerly Policy III-12)

The institutional law enforcement unit, in the case of a threat or report of disturbing behavior by an individual or individuals, shall be made up of the senior student affairs official or designee and the senior human resource official or designee. This policy will be used in conjunction with Board of Regents Policy 1:28 Threat Assessment Procedures.

1. All reports of disturbing behavior concerning employees, visiting personnel, and students will be forwarded to the senior student affairs official or designee for review and investigation. The senior human resources official provides additional support to the senior student affairs official on the law enforcement unit.

2. The threat assessment team is comprised of the senior student affairs official, Rapid City Police Department Liaison, counselor, senior human resources official, and judicial officer.  Campus safety, environmental health and safety, and the provost/vice president for academic affairs shall provide representation on an as needed basis.

SOURCE:  Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Apr. 2008; Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Dec. 2009

BOR Reference: Policy 1:28 

Board of Regent Threat Assessment Policy