Mail Services

To submit a work request please use the online work request form.

Hours of Operation:

Mail Room 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
UPS & FedEx accepted until 2:30 PM
General Mail accepted until 3:00 PM

Our Mission:

Our mail room is at your service. Personnel in the mail room want to make the service satisfactory in every way. Here's a few tips for you!

Efficiency of mail services on campus depends to a great extent on the manner in which office clerks, secretaries, and department heads process their mail. If the office staff is familiar with mailing rules and guidelines, a more efficient and economical service will be possible. This mail users guide has been prepared as a source of basic information to help you obtain the best use of the available mail services with regards to efficiency and economy.

Business Reply Mail:

Business reply mail is a self addressed envelope or card for which you agree to pay the return postage because you want the envelope or card to come back to you.

Metered Mail:

All letters must face the same direction. If letters are unsealed, the flaps must be folded individually and left in the down position to ensure sealing during metering. Please don't place staples or paper clips in the upper right hand corner of the envelope; they will jam in the meter machine. The mail room equipment does not seal flats (large media envelopes). Metal closures on manila envelopes jam in the meter machine. Press them down and apply tape over them. Business reply and postage affixed mail should not be mixed with mail to be metered. International surface, airmail letters, and flats must be bundled separately, to prevent returned letters. Canada and Mexico are considered international mail and the striped envelopes should be used for these letters.

Meter Cards:

All outgoing mail processed must be accompanied by a postage authorization card properly filled out and attached to each bundle. Postage authorization cards must have the department name and a complete 6 digit account number. Call the mail room for extra cards.

  • Blue Cards: First class mail ONLY. One card per bundle.
  • Yellow Cards: International Air Mail
  • Green Cards: FedEx Express Services. USPS, Certified Mail, and Return Receipt cards.

Mystery Mail:

Mystery mail wastes everyone's time. When sending letters or flats, please use department names in your return address. Make sure your orders and incoming mail/packages have your full address. The department or residence halls should be included in all addresses. Mystery mail may be opened to determine its intended recipient.

Personnel Changes:

Please keep us informed of new employees or employee/students who are changing departments. When staff and graduate students leave please keep their forwarding addresses, as well will send you their mail. The secretary of each department is best able to determine what belongs to the department and what is personal mail that needs to be forwarded. You can forward First Class Mail (USPS) at no cost. If it's put in a new envelope, it will require new postage. Post cards and mail partial postage must be put on the top of the bundles separately; this will prevent postage from being put on unnecessarily.

Delivery & Pick-Up:

USPS, UPS and Fed-ex are delivered each work day usually around 10:00 AM. Times may vary due to quantity of mail, weather conditions, etc. Deliveries are made and outgoing picked up once a day.

First-Class Mail:

The following are items always considered First-Class Mail:

  • Matter having characteristics of actual or personal correspondence
  • Handwritten and typewritten messages, including identical copies
  • Bills and statements of account
  • Notebooks or account books containing handwritten or typewritten entries
  • Postcards
  • Canceled and uncancelled checks
  • Printed forms filled out in writing
  • Printed price lists with written or typed chances
  • Business reply mail