Facility Use Guidelines

Surbeck Public Areas

The public areas of Surbeck Center (the South Lounge, Rec Room, Miner's Shack seating and the Student Organization area) are designed for the use of our students. On occasion, events may be scheduled in these areas, but for the majority of time, these areas are intended for students who are studying or hanging out with friends, as well as for faculty and staff use.

Conference/Meeting Rooms

Recognized student organizations and university departments or groups have first priority in reserving and using meeting rooms in the Surbeck Center. However, Surbeck staff will reserve and assign space to optimize the needs of all parties; this may involve reassignment of your event after confirmation.

Individual students are welcome to use conference and meeting rooms in Surbeck within the following guidelines:

  • Events related to completion of degrees (oral exams, thesis defense, etc) may use Surbeck Center meeting rooms at no cost.
  • Special events or activities not sponsored by a student organization but attended by South Dakota Mines students may be charged room rent. Such activities will be reviewed by the Director of Scheduling & Event Operations. Requestors will be notified in writing of decisions related to rent charges prior to confirming the room request.

Equipment Use

  1. All equipment (tables, chairs, AV equipment, mobile units, etc.) must be reserved through Scheduling & Event Operations.
  2. All equipment must be picked up and signed for by the department/office/individual at the Surbeck main desk.
  3. All equipment must be returned on the scheduled date and signed in at the Surbeck main desk by the department/office/individual.
  • Each meeting room, with exception of the Beck Ballroom, has a standard set up. Alternate set ups may be available for an additional fee. If you move furniture within the meeting room to accommodate your group's needs without notifying Scheduling, please return furniture to its original location┬áto avoid reset charges.
  • Flip charts, dry erase boards, AV equipment, projection screens, etc., should all be reserved at the time of your initial room request.
  • Equipment needed for off-campus by student organizations or campus departments MUST be reserved at least one working day in advance. Advance notice is needed to gain approval for state owned property to leave campus. Any equipment leaving campus for non-South Dakota Mines related reasons must have a written agreement on file and charges will be applied and a deposit will be required. Some equipment is not available for off campus use.
    • Non campus/state organizations may only rent equipment if there are no other rental options available in Rapid City.
    • Rentals going outside Rapid City city limits require special authorization.
    • The maximum length of equipment rental is one week.


        Room rental fees will be charged in accordance with South Dakota Mines Policy (VI-11) Assessing User Fees: Scheduling, Events, Conferences.

        Damage charges may be assessed to any users for damages to rooms or equipment caused during that user being in the reserved space. Users should be aware that use of certain tapes or adhesives on the walls may cause extensive (and expensive) repairs. Blue tape is available at the Surbeck Main Desk for use during meetings and events. Tripods, movable panels and T-sign holders are also available for posting information and hanging banners or backdrops. All postings and banners must follow Policy III-10-1 On Campus Advertising/Campus Posting

        Cancellation and Late Change (or Scramble) Fees

        To ensure facilities, equipment, and services are available to the scheduling community in a fair and equitable manner, a cancellation fee may be assessed to those persons or groups who fail to notify the Scheduling & Event Operations staff of their reservation cancellation. Comparably, changes in set-up, equipment needs, etc. without minimum notice will be charged.

        Per South Dakota Mines Policy VI-A-12, scheduling, cancellation, or change of date, time, or setup without minimum notice as listed below will result in charges being assessed.

        Incurred Expenses

        When, in the course of providing a requested resource for a university function, a department becomes exposed to direct and unavoidable expenses, those expenses may be passed on to the entity requesting the resource. These expenses could be equipment rentals or staffing expenses for extended hours of operation or complex room set-ups.