CSA, NFE and Faculty

Civil Service Association (CSA)

Civil Service includes all employees not exempted in accordance with ARSD 55:01:03:02.01. Criteria for exemption from the Civil Service Act include managerial duties at a policy-making level, high degrees of confidentiality, and responsibility for providing advice of a legal or technical nature to a department secretary, bureau commissioner, or institution administrator.

CSA Class Specifications

CSA Meetings:
CSA General Membership meetings are held four times per year on the 3rd Thursday of the following months, August, November, February, and April.

The agenda for the meetings include: 

  • An introduction of new employees
  • An update of the balance in the Jeans Day charity account
  • Presentation of TEA awards
  • Updates from Committee members
  • Guest speaker/Program

The Mission of the Civil Service organization is

  1. To interact with the administration, the faculty, exempt employees, and the students for the purpose of improving the quality of the campus environment.
  2. To promote better employment conditions for the welfare and best interests of its members. To improve job efficiency and to present training and informational programs to the membership.

CSA Traditions of Excellence Awards (TEA)
The Civil Service Council, in conjunction with the Office of the President, is proud to announce the institution of the TEA Award. Campus members nominate a Civil Service employee whom they feel has performed their assigned duties at a high level or above and beyond expectations, who has taken the initiative to promote the concept of successful job completion, and who has promoted a positive working relationship with students, faculty, and staff.
TEA Nomination Form

Non-Faculty Exempt (NFE)

Non-Faculty Exempt are employees who are not faculty but are exempt from the State Civil Service System based on South Dakota Codified Law 3-6A-13. These are employees who perform administrative and professional/technical support functions.
NFE Classification & Compensation


Faculty are employees who are in faculty related positions who are exempt from the State Civil Service System and perform research, instruction, and other faculty duties.  

Need HR Assistance?

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