D2L and Zoom Training/Tutorials

D2L Training/Tutorials

D2L - Hosts online course shells (sites). Every course offered will have a course shell automatically created in D2L.

  • How faculty use it – to upload content (e.g. syllabus, notes, PowerPoints), create online quizzes, assignments, and discussions, update student grades, communicate to students.
  • How students use it – to view content, take online quizzes, submit assignments, participate in online discussions, check grades.

D2L General Information

Desire2Learn Help 10.2

Course Activation - Activate your course to allow student access.

Upload a Syllabus - Upload your course syllabus to the Getting Started Widget.

Post a News Item (Announcement) - Communicate course updates, share new information, and post reminders for learners by creating announcements.

D2L Content Management

Content – Structure and organize your content by adding modules and submodules to your course.

D2L Grade Management

Set up D2L Gradebook - Use grades to centralize assessment and evaluation for your course.

Create Grade Categories – Group related grade items by creating categories: Discussions, Assignments, Exams, etc.

Delete and Restore a Grade Item - Make changes to your individual grade items

Enter Grades - Manually enter grades for an individual student or a full grade item.

D2L Discussions

Create a Discussion Forum - Use forums to organize your discussion topics into categories.

Create a Discussion Topic - Create specific discussion topics that can be linked in your content area

Assess and Provide Feedback - Discussions - Assess learners' participation in discussion topics from within threads for topics to which you've added an assessment.

D2L Assignment Dropboxes

Create a Dropbox Assignment - Create an assignment so students can easily submit their work.

Assess and Provide Feedback - Dropbox Assignments - Grade assignments from within the tool to quickly evaluate and leave feedback for learners.

D2L Quizzing

Create a Quiz - When you create a quiz, you can populate it with a variety of question types to help evaluate learners learning progress in your course.

Assess and Provide Feedback - Quizzes – Manually grade quiz responses, question by question, to maintain consistency in assessments.

Respondus Quiz Maker - Create or converting quizzes (from text/Word files) in a format that can be uploaded to D2L.

Zoom Training/Tutorials

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