Ordering Computing Devices

ITS has developed a relationship with many computer manufacturers and distributors over the past several decades and has tested laptops, desktops, and workstations extensively and can make recommendations for any campus computing project.

Furthermore, the ITS department is an authorized service partner for Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo computers and can do all repairs onsite.

Please let us know what type of computer you are looking for and we can recommend a model that will perform the best for you, work with existing systems, will be cost-effective and maintainable.

To order a campus computer:

  1. Begin the Process by asking yourself a few questions

    • Will this computer be used for CAD, modeling, high-end graphics, or heavy computation?
    • Will it be needed for travel (office, home, conferences)?
    • Does it need a 10-key number pad on the keyboard?
    • Does it need to be able to connect to multiple monitors?

  2. Contact the ITS Purchasing Team through the ITS Support Portal

    • If you need help, the team member will offer a few different computing options.
    • You can then decide which computer to purchase.
    • The Support Portal allows you to document important information about this computer (user, room, etc)
      Remember: the computers we show you will have warranty included in price.

  3. Order the computer through the SDEzBuy System
    • When the computer arrives on campus, ITS will receive the computer at the Help Desk

      • Our technician(s) will then schedule the computer into their work queue.
      • The computer will be configured for campus use.
      • Once fully configured, you will be sent an email to schedule the computer pickup/delivery.
      • Please respond promptly to this message to schedule your installation.

    ITS Purchasing Team:

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    Need More Help?

    Visit the ITS Support Portal.

    The ITS Help Desk is located in the Devereaux Library.

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