Web Services and More

University Website

The Marketing and Communications department serves the campus website needs and the Website Designer acts as the university webmaster and coordinates the university's web presence with the Office of Information Technology Services. The university provides a content management system (CMS) so that designated campus publishers can access information and assist Marketing and Communications in keeping website content up-to-date and correct.

All publishers to the website should strive to keep their information consistent with the existing look and feel of the website and should refer to the university’s Brand Guidelines for matters of permitted colors, fonts, logos, and other matters of writing, punctuation, proper usage of academic names and terms, etc. Please visit our "Publishing on the University Website" page (www.sdsmt.edu/EditWebsite), if you need to:

  • become a publisher to the website
  • request that someone in your department be designated a publisher
  • get publishing training
  • get help with specific publishing tasks - training documents and videos available there

If you do not have a department publisher, or your department needs additional assistance, please submit a Job Request Form to Marketing and Communications.  Your requests will be responded to by Julia Easton, Sofia Gruden, or a student website assistant.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Marketing and Communications manages the official social media outlets of the university and can advise departments/offices on social media promotion or marketing.  Before you start a Facebook or Instagram or other social media account, please contact either our media relations or web personnel and read through these guidelines and best practices for social media use.  We can help you use your time and resources more effectively, and may be able to help you get your message out through existing channels.  Marketing and Communications also creates and monitors digital marketing campaigns. 

About the Marketing and Communications Job Request System

Use our online Job Request form when you have a project you need MC to do for you, or help you with. (The form requires you to log in using your network passwords). You can request help with:

  • Advertising
  • Business Cards/Letterhead
  • Event Support/Publicity
  • Graphic Design and Printing
  • Photography
  • News Releases
  • Social Media
  • Website Assistance

Contact us if you have questions.