Navaneethaa Krishnan Pollachi Veluswamy (2019)


M.S., South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Ph.D., South Dakota School of Mines & Technology


CAPE Laboratory (campus map)
Brief Bio

Krishnan Veluswamy is a Senior Research Engineer/Scientist at the Composite and Polymer Engineering (CAPE) Laboratory at South Dakota Mines. He is also part of the Composite and Nanocomposite Advanced Manufacturing Center (CNAM). His PhD work focused on understanding and developing a process/technique in thermoplastics to align discontinuous fibers in a preferred direction while maintaining the fiber length and dispersion to enhance the mechanical properties via scalable manufacturing process to maximize product value. Dr. Veluswamy specializes in polymer extrusion compounding, extruder screw design, process-structure-property relationships in composites and nanocomposites, polymer rheology studies, and composite molding techniques. Dr. Veluswamy is group leader on various multidisciplinary R&D projects at the CAPE Lab and the CNAM Center, and he has been involved in significant technology scale-up activities.