Ektron Publisher Access and Training

Publishing on the University Website

  • Who can publish or edit the website:
    A limited number of individuals are allowed to edit and update their website information.  A department head or business office head must request that someone in their group be set up with publishing access.  Make that request to webmaster@sdsmt.edu   
  • How to get publisher training:
    Training sessions will be held periodically.  Contact webmaster@sdsmt.edu to request training.  If a session is not scheduled in the immediate future, we will work with you individually.  
  • Where and how to log-in:
    To make changes to the website, log in to: http://cmslogin.sdsmt.edu.  You must be connected to the university network.
  • Website Syncing:
    Publishers work in our staging area.  Work on staging gets published to the live site once a day at the end of the day.  Check ektron-stage.sdsmt.edu (must be on the network - either connected or vpn'd in) to see what your changes look like before they go live.
  • If you have trouble and need immediate help:
    Contact Julia Easton (394-1860), Sofia Gruden (394-1738), or Vickie Bender (394-1299).

Publisher Resources

Online Training:

  • Reference Materials
  • Training Materials
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

Request Publisher Access:

Your request must include:

1. the website URL you wish to gain access to;
2. details on who has or needs to approve your access;
3. if student request, include student ID #.  
Email your request to:

Need More Help?

Submit an online request to Job Request System