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December, 2021

High Impact Hardrocker - Geraldean Lynn Fluke

Geraldean Lynn Fluke, who graduated from Mines with a degree in Physics in 1948 and finished her Ph.D. in Atmospheric, Environmental and Water Resources in 1997, is featured in this latest edition in the High Impact Hardrocker series.

Geraldean Lynn was born January 7, 1926, in Winner, South Dakota. She was the middle one of three sisters. When she was six years old, her parents escaping the grasshoppers and the dust bowl, moved the family to Deerfield in the western Black Hills. She attended a small country school there through the ninth grade. She joined her older sister in Rapid City where both attended the high school, following their family tradition of finishing high school. They lived in rented rooms and worked to earn their “keep.” Given the transportation issues and the late depression economy, they probably only visited home in Deerfield a few times other than Christmas during the school year. After her older sister had graduated high school, her younger sister joined her to continue the family attendance. Geraldean graduated in 1943.


She obtained an appointment as a teacher in one of the rural schools. This was the height of World War II with many shortages including teachers; rural school boards would hire promising high school graduates as teachers. Readers of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books will recall that Laura went from high school graduation to a teaching role without further schooling.


In 1944, Geraldean enrolled in South Dakota Mines and began her college education. She graduated in 1948 with a BS in Physics. She joined the General Electric works in Hanford, Washington, working on nuclear reactor design and...

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