September 2015 Research Awards

New Awards

Amount   Title   Agency   Principal Investigator
& Co-PIs/Dept.
$125,000 South Dakota NASA EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Development Program  South Dakota NASA EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Development Program

PI-Duke, Edward
Co-PI: Durkin, Tom 

$141,161 Promoting System Level Thinking in Undergraduate Engineering Courses US Dept. of Defense - Office of Naval Research PI-Muci, Karim (MECH)
Co-PIs: Degan, Cassandra; Ellingsen, Marius; Bedillion, Mark; Huang, Shabo 
$343,499 Understanding the Role of Credentialing in Promoting and Sustaining Innovative Engineering Practices National Science Foundation PI-Karlin, Jennifer (IE)
$566,698 Collaborative Research: Intellectual Diversity and Critical Thinking Skills in Service Learning National Science Foundation PI-Benning, Jennifer (CEE)
Co-PIs: Kellogg, Stuart; Surovek, Andrea; Shearer, Christopher
$184,275 Aligning Instructional Objectives with Features of a Self-Contained Teamwork Activity for Teamwork Skill Development
National Science Foundation
PI-Hadley, Kevin (CBE)
$15,000 Fabricate and Test Mechanically-Activated Fuels US Dept. of Defense (Subaward from Capco, Inc.) (SBIR) PI-Groven, Lori (CBE)
$179,386 Collaborative Research: Distinguishing the Drivers of Benthic Foraminiferal Fauna Change to Improve Mechanistic Interpretations of Hypoxic Events in the North Pacific National Science Foundation PI-Belanger, Christina (GEOL)
$95,000 SD2014 14-21 Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design: Materials Testing of Resilient and Dynamic Modulus US Dept. of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration (Sub-award from SD Dept. of Transportation) PI-Nam, Soonkie
Co-PI: Lingwall, Brett (CEE)
$45,000 LCA Modeling for SD Oilseed Initiative State of South Dakota (Sub-award from South Dakota State University) PI-Stone, James (CEE)
Co-PI: Sieverding, Heidi
$261,720 Collaborative Research: Hierarchical Functioning of River Macrosystems in Temperate Steppes - From Continental to Hydrogeomorphic Patch Scales National Science Foundation PI-Kenner, Scott (CEE)
$206,424 Collaborative Effort on the SPA-10 Storm Penetration Aircraft US Dept. of Defense - The NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center, San Diego, The Naval Postgraduate School PI-Detwiler, Andrew (PHY)
Co-PI: Kliche, Donna 
$200,000 ARL-HFWES Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials Processing US Dept. of Defense - Army Research Laboratory (Subaward from H. F. Webster, Inc) PI-Widener, Christian (AMP)
$1,670,371 Smart Shelter Power Management and Communication System (SSPMCS) US Dept. of Defense - US Air Force PI-Winter, Robb (CBE)
Co-PIs: Dixon, David; Zhao, Yanxiao; Zheng, Yuheng; Tian, Weisong

Additional Funding

Amount   Title   Agency   Principal Investigator
& Co-PIs/Dept.
$250,000 Numerical Modeling of Gas Emissions and Cave Ventilation in Block Caving Mines US Dept. of Health & Human Services - The Natl. Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) - Center for Disease Control and Prevention PI-Tukkaraja, Purushotham (MEM)
Co-PIs: Katzenstein, Kurt; Shabazi, Khosro
$40,000 Fluoride-Ion Battery Prototype Development Waterford Energy Solutions Corporation PI-Salem, David (CAPE)
Co-PIs: Hong, Haiping; Zhengtao, Zhu; Brady, Andrew
$150,000 Water Surface and Structural Repair Using Cold Spray US Dept. of Defense - US Air Force (Subaward from H F Webster, Inc.) PI-Widener, Christian (AMP)
Co-PI: Carter, Michael
$30,000 USGS National Water Quality Assessment Project in SD US Dept. of Interior - US Geological Survey PI-Kenner, Scott (CEE)
$109,868 Collaborative Research: Dakota Bioprocessing Consortium (DakotaBioCon) National Science Foundation (Subaward from SD State University) PI-Smirnova, Alevtina (CBRD)
Co-PIs: Stone, James; Filipova, Tsvetanka
$50,000 Printable Polymer Bound Reactives US Dept. of Defense - Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) PI-Goven, Lori
$164,902 Collaborative Research: OLC/SDSU/SD Mines Pre-Engineering Education Collaborative National Science Foundation PI-Sawyer, John (GEOL)
Co-PIs: Benning, Jennifer; Hansen, Marion
$97,256 Near-Field Post-Seismic Deformation: InSAR Observations and Modeling
NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Calif. Inst. of Technology
PI-Masterlark, Timothy
$300,000 Security Printing and Anti-Counterfeiting Technology (SPACT) Center
South Dakota Board of Regents
PI-Kellar, Jon (MET)
Co-PI: Crawford, Grant