December 2016 Awards

New Awards

Amount Title Agency Principal Investigator
& Co-PIs/Dept.
$212,279 Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Effective Drought Management US Department of Agriculture (Subaward from InterTribal Buffalo Council)

PI: Kenner, Scott

Co-Pi's: Capehart,William; Gadhamshetty, Venkata; Prince, Maribeth


$14,628 PFI:AIR - TT: Complete Print-Read-Decode Prototype for RGB Upconverting Inks National Science Foundation (Subaward from the University of South Dakota) PI: Kellar, Jon                   Co-PI's: Cross, William; Meruga, Jeevan         
$15,490 Quantification and Characterization of Ground Surface Deformation in Woods Cross, UT using InSAR City of Woods Cross

PI: Katzenstein, Kurt


$40,500 Cosmic Vision Cold Radon Emanation US Department of Energy- Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory PI: Schnee, Richard

Additional Funding

$40,000 CNAM Membership Projects
Various Sponsors PI: Salem, David                                                        
$95,557 SDSM&T Electroforming for the MAJORANA Demonstrator US Department of Energy- Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Subaward from UT-Battelle, LLC) PI: Christofferson, Cabot-Ann         
$33,333 Fluoride-Ion Battery Prototype Development  Trion Energy Solutions, Inc. (formerly Waterford Battery Systems, Inc.)

PI: Salem, David

Co-PI's: Hong, Haiping; Zhu, Zhengtao; Brady, Andrew; Mannhalter, Bert; Ahrenkiel, Phil


$60,000 CNAM Membership Projects Various Sponsors

PI: Salem, David(CAPE)

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