July, 2016 Research Awards

New Awards

Amount   Title   Agency   Principal Investigator
& Co-PIs/Dept.
$167,379 Collaborative Research: On making wave energy an economical and reliable power source for ocean measurement applications
National Science Foundation
PI - Korde, Umesh
Low-Cost Multi-Spectral Imager for Agricultural
NASA PI - Tolle, Charles
Co-PI - Ash, Jason
$200,000Acoustic Temperature Measurement of Lift Gas in High-Altitude Balloons
NASAPI - Ash, Jason
Co-PI - Tolle, Charles

Additional Funding

Amount   Title   Agency   Principal Investigator
& Co-PIs/Dept.
$30,000 Cylinder Bore Insert Repair Replacement
Caterpillar Inc.
PI - Widener, Christian
$2,500 Proposal for Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP) 2016-2017
US Department of Defense - Army Research Office - Academy of Applied Science
PI - West, Michael
$8,000 Collaborative Research: Enabling a New Technology for Reconfigurable RF Front-ends and Antenna Array Systems through Phase-change Materials
National Science Foundation
PI - Anagnostou, Dimitrios
$32,900 USGS National Water Quality Assessment Project in South Dakota
US Department of Interior - US Geological Survey
PI - Kenner, Scott

Research Inquiries

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