January 2017 Awards

New Awards

Amount Title Agency Principal Investigator & Co-PIs/Dept.
Application of novel microscopy techniques and FRET based tension sensorprobes to study dynamic changes in cellular tension

South Dakota State University (Subaward from Sanford Research)      PI:  Liu, Jing (NSNE)
 $20,500 Deep Borehole Field Test                                 
US Department of Energy (Subaward from RESPEC, Inc.)

PI:  Roberts, Lance                 

Co-PI's:  Roggenthen, William; Stetler, Larry; Katzenstein, Kurt; McCormick, Kelli


Numerical impulse-response experiments for fluid magma migration and  storage NASA

PI:  Masterlark, Timothy


Additional Funding

Amount Title Agency Principal Investigator & Co-PIs/Dept.
 $30,000 LUX/ZEPLIN (LZ) Project US Department of Energy - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

PI: Schnee, Richard                 

Co-PI's: Bai, Xinhua; Reichenbacher, Juergen


 $5,000 USGS National Water Quality Assessment Project in South Dakota US Department of Interior - US Geological Survey

PI: Kenner, Scott 


 $75,000 SuperCDMS SNOLAB Project Support US Department of Energy - SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

PI: Schnee, Richard 


 $100,000 High Efficiency, Inexpensive Thin Film III-V Photovoltaics Using Single-Crystalline-like, Flexible Substrates US Department of Energy (Subaward from University of Houston)

PI: Ahrenkiel, Phil 


 $33,400 Fluoride-Ion Battery Prototype Development Trion Energy Solutions, Inc.

PI: Salem, David