October 2018 Awards

New Awards

Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
$211,356RII Track - 4:  Inverse Methods of Hydraulic Fracturing for Enhanced Geothermal Systems in a Deep Mine
National Science Foundation
PI: Li, Liangping (GEOL) 
$750,000Non-Equilibrium Synthesis of Semiconductor Alloys for Energy Applications
U.S. Department of Energy
PI: Ahrenkiel, Phil (NANO) 
$13,567Driving Safety Prevention Program
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Subaward from South Dakota Department of Public Safety)
PI: Mahon, Patricia (SA) 
Museum of Geology. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Long-Term Curation of Forest Service Paleontological Resources
U.S. Department of Interior - U.S. Department of Agriculture
PI: Shelton, Sally (MUSM)
Majorana Demonstrator
U.S. Department of Energy (Subaward from Oak Ridge National Lab)
PI: Christofferson, Cabot-Ann (CABS)
CC* Network Design: The Western South Dakota Research and Education Network
National Science Foundation (Subaward from University of South Dakota)
PI: Hinker, Paul (MCS) CoPI's: Capehart, William; Benjamin, Kenneth 
$60,000LCA Modeling for SD Oilseed Initiative
State of SD (Subaward from South Dakota State University)
PI: Stone, James (CEE)
Supplemental Emergency Infrastructure on the Pine Ridge Reservation Preliminary Design
U.S. Department of Agriculture
PI: Benning, Jennifer (CEE) CoPI's:  Robinson, Marc
 $90,392FSW Confidence TestingSpirit AreoSystems PI: Jasthi, Bharat (AMP)
 $70,000Engagement of Consultant for Assess Suitable Sites and Assist in Planning for DUNE ITF
Rapid City Area Economic Development
PI: Wright, Joseph (ORA)

Additional Awards

Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
ARL-HFWES - Additive Manufacturing and Advance Materials Processing
U.S. Department of Defense (Subaward from H.F. Webster)
PI: Hong, Haiping (AMP)
$177,182 SD RIC FY15: The Biochemical Spatiotemporal Network Resource (Bio-SNTR) Center

South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development (Subaward from South Dakota State University)
PI: Smith, Steve (NANO)
$556,135.24The 2020 Vision: Building Research, Education, and Innovation Partnerships for South DakotaNational Science Foundation (Subaward from South Dakota State University)PI: Smith, Steve (NANO)
$7,500Development of Explosive Feedback for Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) 3D PrintersU.S. Department of Defense (Subaward from LynnTech) PI: Groven, Lori (CBE)
$5,771Sun Grant Competitive Award 2014U.S. Department of Agriculture (Subaward from South Dakota State University)PI: Stone, James (CEE)