September 2018 Awards

New Awards

Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
$37,341Missouri River Water Allotment Study for Future Use Water Permit 1443-2
West Dakota Water Development District
PI: Lisenbee, Alvis (GEOL) CoPIs: Katzenstein, Kurt 

Additional Awards

Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
Back to the Future: Enhancing Food Security and Farm Production with Integrated Crop-livestock Production Systems
U.S. Department of Agriculture (Subaward from South Dakota State University)
PI: Stone, James (CEE) Co-PIs: Sieverding, Heidi 
Increasing the Discovery Potential of Underground Physics at SURF

U.S. Department of Energy
PI: Schnee, Richard ( PHY) Co-PIs: Bai, Xinhua; Reichenbaacher, Juergen; Corwin, Luke
$20,000 Cleanliness and Calibration efforts on the LUX/ZEPLIN (LZ) Project U.S. Department of Energy - Lawrence Berkeley National LabPI: Schnee, Richard (PHY) Co-PIs: Bai, Xinhua: Reichenbaacher, Juergen 
$10,052 South Dakota Working in STEM for Equity (SD-WISE) National Science Foundation (Subaward from South Dakota State University) PI: Surovek, Andrea (MECH)
 SD Corn Utilization Council Sustainability Corn Utilization Council (Subaward from SDSU)PI: Stone, James (CEE) Co-PIs:  Sieverding, Heidi
 SuperCMDS SNOLAB Project Support U.S. Department of Energy (Subaward from SLAC)PI: Schnee, Richard (PHY)