June 2020 Awards

New Awards

Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
$40,000 Cold Spray Structural Repair of 70/30 Copper Nickel                                                                                                                      
U.S. Dept. of Defense (Subaward from VRC Metal Systems) 
PI: Jasthi, Bharat(AMP)  
$20,000 Development of a Localized Food Supply Chain to alleviate Food Insecurity among Economically Disadvantaged Families in Rapid City 
South Dakota Community Foundation 
PI: Kumar Dubey, Saurav (IE) 
$24,871 Pilot Project for an Inventory of Impervious Areas and Green Spaces that may have Potential for Future Stormwater Mitigation Measures 
State of South Dakota (Subaward from West Dakota Water Development District) 
PI: Lingwall, Bret; Co-PIs: Kenner, Scott; Sieverding, Heidi (CEE) 
$50,068 Development and testing work on photon detector monitoring system components 
U.S. Dept. of Energy - Fermilab 
PI: Martinez Caicedo, David (PHY) 
$11,000 Initial Updates to the Fire Weather Handbook 
U.S. Forest Service 
PI: Clabo, Darren (CEE) 
$39,005 Development of Explosive Feedback for Commercial-off-the Shelf (COTS) 3D Printers 
U.S. Dept. of Defense (Subaward from Lynntech) 
PI: Groven, Lori (CBE) 

Additional Awards

Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
$169,376 MAJORANA Demonstrator 
U.S. Dept. of Energy - Oak Ridge National Lab 
PI: Christofferson, Cabot-Ann (CABS) 
$13,502 Advanced Event Reconstruction and the study of Prompt Muons in Ultrahigh Energy Extensive Air Showers in IceCube 
National Science Foundation 
PI: Bai, Xinhua (PHY) 
$400,000 Composite and Nanocomposite Advanced Manufacturing - Biomaterials Center (CNAM-Bio) 
State of South Dakota - Governors Office of Economic Development 
PI: Salem, David; Co-PI: Sani, Rajesh (CAPE) 
$141,640 Research and Commercialization 
State of South Dakota - Board of Regents 
PI: Davis, Ralph; Co-PIs: Kellar, Jon; Smirnova, Alevtina; Walker, Travis; Wood, Scott (RA)
$19,941 Development of Fault Identification and Risk Management (FIRM) Intelligent Health Monitoring for Critical Structural and Electro-Mechanical Systems of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Using Deep Learning 
U.S. Dept. of Defense - Naval Undersea Warfare Center 
PI: Fekrmandi, Hadi (MECH)
$486,000 Increasing the Discovery Potential of Underground Physics at SURF 
U.S. Dept. of Energy 
PI: Schnee, Richard; Co-PI: Reichenbacher, Juergen (PHY) 
$196,264 Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Assignment 
National Science Foundation 
PI: Smith, Steve (BioSNTR) 
$304,660 Imaging, Materials & Genetic Engineering (IMAGEN): Biomaterials Research in South Dakota 
State of South Dakota - Board of Regents 

PI: Smith, Steve; Co-PIs: Ahrenkiel, Scott; Anderson, Robert; Wang, Congzhou; Wood, Scott (BioSNTR)