August 2023 Awards

New Awards

Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
$82,113.00 High Energy Density: Long Cycle Life Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
South Dakota Board of Regents
PI: Xing, Weibing (MECH)
$245,000.00 Collaborative Research: Mechanistic Study of Mesoporous Carbon-formation from Food Waste
National Science Foundation
PI: Shende, Rajesh (CBE)
$36,085.80  Increasing the Partnership, Technical Training, and Exchange of Students Between UPC-PERU, Lima, PE, and SDSMT, Rapid City, USA
U.S. Dept. of State (Subaward from Partners of America) PI: Dixon, David; Co-PIs: Aadland, Suzi; Stone, James; Walker, Travis (CBE)
$17,000.00 Quantification of Land Subsidence occurring between 2016 and 2022 in Woods Cross, UT using InSAR
Woods Cross City
PI: Katzenstein, Kurt (GEOL)
$20,000.00 Advancing STEM Learning through Research Laboratories in Schools
National Science Foundation (Subaward from Digital Promise)
PI: Diwakar, Prasoon; Co-PI: Choudhary, Neha (MECH)

Additional Awards

Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
$76,223.00 Collaborative Research: Facility: Next Generation Interoperable Data Infrastructure for Geoscience Sample Data (EarthChem, LEPR/traceDs, SESAR): IEDA Re-invented
National Science Foundation
PI: Ustunisik, Gokce; Co-PI: Nielsen, Roger (GEOL)
$25,000.00 Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN)
Kern Family Foundation PI: Larochelle, Pierre (MECH)
$178,400.00 IUCRC Phase 1: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology: Center for Solid-State Electric Power Storage (CEPS)
National Science Foundation
PI: Smirnova, Alevtina (CBHS)
$450,000.00 RII Track-2 FEC: BioWRAP (Bioplastics with Regenerative Agricultural Properties): Spray-on Bioplastics with Growth Synchronous Decomposition and Water, Nutrient, and Agrochemical Management for Enhanced Field Crop Production
National Science Foundation (Subaward from Kansas State University)
PI: Salem, David; Co-PIs: Sani, Rajesh; Shearer, Christopher; Sieverding, Heidi; Stone, James (CAPE)
$256,751.00 The Influence of Nitrate Loading in the Kootenai River Watershed  Bonneville Power Admin (Subaward from Kootenai Tribe of Idaho)  PI: Kunza, Lisa (CABS)
$900,000.00 Governor's Research Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage
South Dakota Board of Regents
PI: Smirnova, Alevtina; Co-PIs: Sani, Rajesh; Salem, David; Xing, Weibing (CBHS)
$900,000.00 Governor's Center for Understanding and Disrupting the Illicit Economy
South Dakota Board of Regents
PI: Kellar, Jon; Co-PIs: Crawford, Grant; Hoover, Randy (SPACT)