January 2023 Awards

New Awards

Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
$200,000.00 2021 Supplemental Science and Technology Projects Related to Coal Mining and Reclamation: Applied Science - Bio - Electrochemical Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Coal and Coal by Products
U.S. Dept. of Interior - Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement
PI: Gadhamshetty, Venkata; Co-PIs: Tukkaraja, Purushotham; Carlson, Bret (CEE)
$120,000.00 Development of Interactive Mine Safety Training Materials
U.S. Department of Interior - Mine Safety Health Administration
PI: Tukkaraja, Purushotham (MEM)
$10,000.00 Transformation of Nitrate to Ammonia by Biochar Supported Ru Catalysts and Recovery of Ammonia as N-Fertilizer on Biochar U.S. Geological Survey (Subaward from South Dakota State University) PI: Ye, Tao; Co-PI: Geza Nisrani, Mengistu (CEE)
$67,000.00 Process development for synthetic stibnite
U.S. Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency (Subaward from Perpetua Resources Idaho, Inc.)
PI: Petersen, Jacob; Co-PIs: Beeler, Scott; Carlson, Brett (EMES)

Additional Awards

Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
$35,625.00 A URA for Materials Science in Extreme Environments
U.S. Dept. of Defense - Defense Threat Reduction Agency (Subaward from John Hopkins University)
PI: Groven, Lori (CBE)
$63,402.00 Tantalum Project Operating Conditions
U.S. Department of Energy - Los Alamos National Lab
PI: Christofferson, Cabot-Ann (CABS)
$16,000.00 Underground Low-Background Nuclear Astrophysics Studies
National Science Foundation (Subaward from Notre Dame University)
PI: Strieder, Frank (PHY)