May 2017 Awards

New Awards


Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
$6,500 Army's Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program Fiscal Year 2017
U.S. Department of Defense - Academy of Applied Science
PI: West, Michael (MET)
$20,000 Functional Seated Vertical Traction for Rehydration Promotion in Lumbar Intervertebral Discs
Center for Disease Control - NIOSH (Subaward from University of Minnesota - MCOHS)
PI: Piper, Adam (IE)
$40,050 Mine Health and Safety Training for Miners and Contractors Working on Mining Properties in South Dakota U.S. Department of Labor - Mine Safety and Health Administration PI: McCormick, Kelli (MEM)

Co-PI: Kliche, Charles (MEM)

Additional Awards


Amount Title Agency PI & Co-PIs (Dept.)
$50,000 Printable Polymer Bound Reactives
U.S. Department of Defense - Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
PI: Groven, Lori (CBE)
$40,000 Cleanliness and Calibration efforts on the LUX/ZEPLIN (LZ) Project
U.S. Department of Energy (Subaward from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - University of California - Berkeley)
PI: Schnee, Richard (PHY)

Co-PIs: Reichenbacher, Juergen; Bai, Xinhua; (PHY)

$40,000 Composite and Nanocomposite Advanced Manufacturing Center (CNAM Center) CNAM Memberships PI: Salem, David (CAPE)
$570,000 National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program (SPACE Grant) Training Grant 2015-2018 NASA PI: Duke, Edward (SDSGC)

Co-PI: Durkin, Thomas (SDSGC)

$97,500 Fluoride-Ion Battery Prototype Development Trion Energy Solutions PI: Salem, David (CAPE)

Co-PIs: Hong, Haiping; Zhu, Zhengtao; Brady, Andrew; Mannhalter, Bert; Ahrenkiel, Phil