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DoD Innovation (NSIN)

The National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) is a problem-solving network in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) that brings together defense, academic, and entrepreneurial innovations to solve national security problems.

South Dakota Mines is one of 20 universities in the United States that has a NSIN University Program Director. The Program Director provides face-to-face opportunities for Mines students to engage with DoD organizations across the US. Currently the work Mines students are doing is primarily with Ellsworth Air Force Base (EAFB), just a few miles from campus.

Students who have worked on Ellsworth AFB problems have had opportunities to visit the base, receive tours of the B-1 bomber, and utilize state of the art industrial additive manufacturing equipment. To date, Ellsworth, has implemented over 75% of the project solutions produced by Mines students.

How to get involved at South Dakota Mines

More about South Dakota Mines and NSIN's partnership

Serve your country without the uniform

Involvement in NSIN does not necessitate enlistment in any military branch. This is an avenue to serve your country as a civilian.

Advantages of getting involved

You will stand out from the thousands of other engineers when you look to land your dream job. You will be one of a very small group that has real-world experience working with the agency with the largest network of advanced labs and programs.

Your communications skills, leadership skills, cross discipline teamwork skills, and professional network will also improve as you work with defense department leaders and base personnel.

South Dakota Mines is excited about this partnership because it raises the profile of the talent and types of students at Mines and to show off their abilities on a national platform.


The best way to ensure an opportunity to participate in one of these opportunities is to contact Jason Combs and let him know you are interested in receiving updates. Generally speaking, matching to programs begins in July for fall semester courses, October for summer fellowships, and September for the H4D / Innovating for National Security Elective course.

Historically, students who have engaged earlier have had higher placement success rates.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Jeff Woldstad


Jason Combs

Primary: jcombs.ctr@nsin.mil and Secondary: Jason.Combs@sdsmt.edu