Cold Spray

What is Cold Spray?

Cold spray is a lower temperature solid-state thermal spray process that deposits metal powder using a heated inert gas through a supersonic nozzle.

Advantages of Cold Spray

  • No melting of powder materials
  • Low heat input into substrate –> Minimal degradation and/or distortion
  • Very high adhesion strengths possible -> Greater than 10 ksi
  • No limit on thickness -> Deposits can be from 0.001 in. to 1 in., or even more
  • Highly dissimilar materials can be combined
  • Virtually any metal can be deposited
  • Deposition possible on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces

The AMP Laboratory is a member of CSAT:   a group of proponents of cold spray technology formed to share data, research and experiences; to educate potential users, and to network to further develop RDTE&E projects, materials, processes and standards.  Learn more at

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VRC Gen III Hand-held Hybrid High Pressure Cold Spray System

This cold spray system was developed jointly by the South Dakota Mines and the Army Research Lab, and includes a patent-pending hand-held high-pressure spray capability, which is currently being licensed and commercialized by VRC Metal Systems, LLC in Rapid City, SD.