About the CAPE Laboratory

Founded in 2004, the Composites and Polymer Engineering (CAPE) Laboratory is a Center at South Dakota Mines with roots in a long history of multi-disciplinary polymer and composites research at South Dakota Mines. CAPE partners with government agencies, industrial clients, faculty and students to explore the next innovations in polymers and polymer-matrix composite materials, from research in materials science and process engineering through to prototype demonstration and testing.

Areas of expertise include:

  •  Synthesis
  •  Process-Structure-Property Relationships
  •  Advanced Processing Techniques
  •  Compounding
  •  Surface Treatment
  •  Characterization

CAPE's 9000 sq-ft facility houses a variety of equipment for advanced polymer and composite processing, rapid tooling, test specimen fabrication, characterization, testing, and precision measurement and inspection. A detailed list of equipment can be found in the Facilities & Equipment section.

CAPE Director
David Salem
Professor, MET and CBE
Office: (605) 394-5271
CAPE lab: (605) 394-5279
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