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The CAPE Lab works with industrial, government and academic partners to explore and develop the next innovations in polymers and polymer composites, from research in materials science and processing technology to prototype demonstration and testing. To enable this spectrum of research activity, the laboratory
possesses an exceptionally wide range of advanced processing, analytical and testing equipment, as well as advanced computational and simulation tools.

Current partners and collaborators.

Collaboration is at the heart of the CAPE Lab’s research philosophy. Our scientists and engineers work closely with various SDSMT departments, faculty members and students, and the lab is a hub of multidisciplinary interactions on campus. The lab has established close working relationships with government laboratories, and with several research groups and centers at other universities. It provides responsive research services to industry and develops productive research partnerships with industrial clients, customized to meet each company’s commercial objectives, timelines and confidentiality requirements.

CAPE Director
David Salem
Professor, MET and CBE
Office: (605) 394-5271
CAPE lab: (605) 394-5279
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