Partners and Collaborations

CAPE works with several other universities, organizations and companies in the pursuit of our missions.  Below are some of our primary partners and contributors.

ACI Technologies, Inc
Advanced Materials Processing Center, SD Mines
Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen, MD
Continental Structural Plastics
Falcon Plastics
Innegra Technologies
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Office of Naval Research
Raven Industries
SGL Group, The Carbon Company
SKYDEX Technologies, Inc.
South Dakota State University
University of South Dakota
Zyvex Performance Materials

Research and Development

The CAPE Lab’s capabilities include a fully integrated approach to research and development, encompassing:

  •  materials science and engineering
  • composite and component design
  • multiscale computer simulations
  • process and manufacturing technologies
  • prototyping and testing
  • chemical, mechanical, and
    thermal characterization