Safety and Training

In the interest of maintaining a safe and productive working environment, the CAPE lab has produced the documents below which outline the enforced safety policies and procedures. These documents may be revised periodically. The version available on this page will be considered the active document.

All users of the CAPE lab are expected to understand and adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in these documents. Please feel free to contact a staff person with any questions, concerns or other feedback.

Any teams, including CAMP and Senior Design teams, who wish to make use of the CAPE facility must follow the policy and procedure listed below. This policy is intended to allow CAPE staff to estimate the time and cost of supporting the team, and to assist the team in planning and record keeping. Templates are supplied in order to streamline the process.

Composite Processing Tutorials

For an introduction to composite manufacturing processes and terminology, the following off-site links may be useful:

Emergency Link