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South Dakota Mines Institutional Information for Grants & Contracts


   South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
   501 E. St. Joseph Street
   Rapid City, SD  57701-3995
   Phone:  605-394-1218

 Authorized Official for all Proposals/Awards:

   Ralph K. Davis, PhD
   Vice President for Research
   Phone:  605-394-2493


   Research Affairs/Sponsored Programs

 Point of Contact:

   Karmen Aga
   Contracting Officer IV
   Phone: 605-394-1218  

Other Information:
FY15 Audit Report
FY16 Audit Report
Indirect Cost Rate Agreement FY20-25
FY21 Grad Assistantship Minimum Stipend
Benefit Rates for Employees FY21

Cognizant Agency:
DHHS, Jeanette Lu, 415-437-7820

South Dakota Mines Identifiers:
Employer Identification Number (EIN)*:  466000364
Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS):  929928018
Congressional District:  SD-001
NAICS Code:  611310
CAGE Number:  1BMV3
NSF Institutional Code:  0034702000

*EIN is equivalent to TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) and to IRS number

Contact Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs

South Dakota Mines
O'Harra 102
501 E. St. Joseph Street
Rapid City, SD  57701

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